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At Home Service

iSOLD It’s At Home service is perfect for individuals that have a large quantity of items to sell and are not sure where to start.  We can evaluate the contents of a single room or an entire house!  Based on our vast experience, iSOLD It staff will provide recommendations on which items are worth selling online (some items may require online research while at your home).  Then we can take as many items as possible back to our store and save you the trip, or if preferred you can bring them to us at a later time.

You can also use our At Home service to request professional photography of furniture and other large items that would remain in your home during the sales process.

Call us today to set up an appointment ask for a quote.  The iSOLD It At Home service fee Central Indiana residents is $59 – $99 depending on the scope of work and home location.  Fees for other locations can be provided upon request.